The Australian cleaning services industry

The cleaning services industry is in general stable, with growth from the years 2009 to 2014 averaging a respectable two point two per cent. However, home cleaning services tend to be more variable, with growth in this sector being more closely linked to movements in discretionary income and consumer confidence, which is currently dropping at the most rapid rate since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis in response to the sharply contractionary fiscal policy being pursued by the current federal government, having dropped by fourteen per cent since the twentieth of April. Nevertheless, it is expected by economists that consumer discretionary spending will still improve over the next six months, which is promising news for home cleaning businesses.

Since the late nineties, the roof washing in Brisbane industry has expanded dramatically, with much of the growth coming from both the growing popularity of domestic cleaning services, along with the growing trend towards outsourcing of functions such as cleaning in the corporate sector. House cleaning is becoming increasingly common, not necessarily just among the extremely rich: many people have decided that they would rather spend the money necessary to hire a professional cleaning service in order to gain the extra time for leisure or to spend with their families. House cleaning in Adelaide is not just restricted to Springfield, Burnside, and Norwood any more. Many people are, to an ever increasing extent, choosing to hire a professional house cleaning service either on a regular basis, or irregularly to do a few cleaning tasks that they hate, such as perhaps cleaning the bathroom or cleaning their oven.


This growth in the popularity of domestic cleaning services means that purchasing a cleaning business for sale is looking like an increasingly attractive option to many people. Although it is not within the scope of this general interest article to provide professional advice, and it should not be taken as a substitute for such, there are some factors that should be taken in to consideration prior to entering any business venture. If you hire employees, it is likely that they will be covered by the Cleaning Industry Award 2010, or a similar industrial legal instrument. This makes provision for employees in cleaning businesses covered by the award to receive certain minimum pay and conditions. Fair Work Australia has made calculators available for South Australia, New South Wales, and all other Australian states and territories on its website to assist employers in the cleaning services industry with finding the correct rate of pay to which their employees are entitled. There are also a range of allowances that employees may be entitled to, such as broken shift allowance, toilet cleaning allowance, refuse collection allowance, first aid allowance, and leading hand allowance. You should seek professional advice if necessary: do not rely on any information that has been provided in this article, which is not guaranteed to be fit for any purpose.

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