The arrival of a new member in one’s family

The excitement and the joy when one is about to get a baby cannot be explained and it is only those who have been through who will understand the importance of that moment. And the two people who will be the happiest out of all are the parents of the baby. It is a moment they eagerly waited for over nine months and one that will be treasured right throughout. It is not easy when there is a new member in the family especially if the parents have other children as well. Anyway all in all the expense of the family tend to increase with the new addition.

Before the arrival of the baby there are so many changes and things that have to be done. The most important one is of course buying the necessary clothing for the baby. Some people know the baby’s gender beforehand and thus they buy the clothing accordingly but for those who want it to be a surprise then the best thing to do is to buy colours that will suit both a baby boy and a baby girl. Yellow and light green are such colours that will suit both genders. One should also make sure to buy teeters, feeding bottles and napkins.


Even ones house should be adjusted to make sure the baby can safely reside in it. The most important thing to do is to try and eliminate all the unnecessary items in the house and store them elsewhere. Make sure there is enough room because once the baby starts crawling he/she would want to get to every corner of the house. Also try to take off anything that might cause some sort of an injury to the baby and it could be a glass ware or some hazardous object. Even something as plastic could be very dangerous is the baby’s puts it inside his/her mouth. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is always best to install carpet flooring the baby’s play room.

Carpet flooring will make sure the baby is protected from serious injuries in case of a fall and plus it is more comfortable for the baby when it starts to crawl or walk.

In case one has a stair way make sure to keep small doors on either end of the stair way to make sure the child cannot use the stair. So many children have got badly injured by falling off the stairs and some have even died. So as parents we must be alert of their every move.

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