Important Information About Jamon Iberico And Things To Remember

  The story of Jamon Iberico ham is steeped in the romance and mystery.  The ancient oak pastures of Spain, the gracious black Iberico Pig, the mountain air that caresses every animal protein as it magically is transformed into one of the globe’s most exquisite foods, every play a part in this uniquely Spanish phenomenon. Without the entire ingredient, the recipes are disturbed.  The greatness can only be achieved along with patience, talents as well as adherence to a traditional approach.   The source of the Iberico pig goes from back millennia, even though to the time of the cavemen who decorated the caves of Spain along with wonderful art.  These are the unique swine of Spain, under control over the centuries. Only in the last couple of the 100 years have the pink pigs of our imagination invaded their country. Furthermore, Iberico hog is large, along with slim legs as well as a very extensive snout. The Jamon iberico pigs are black, together with very small hair.

Thing to know while buying jamon

 The number of alternatives while buying Jamon iberico can be just overwhelming. It is merged along with the fact that English not often spoken in multiple of the top most places to buy Jamon iberico, the experience of ordering can be close as unforgettable as the taste. Even though, the challenge is gladly overcome by asking tastes of all of the various jamons.  The following guidelines will be useful for you to understand the different kinds and classification of Spanish Jamon.


Kinds of Jamon products

  • The hind leg of a cured ham, it is fattier as well as provides creamier, rounder flavors.
  • The foreleg or shoulder of a cured ham, it is lower fatty, along with extensive direct, strong flavor.

As these 2 are cut, cured as well as eaten in the similar approach, for the remaining of this entry, they employ the word jamon to refer to both the leg as well as the shoulder of the ham.

The Pedigree of the Pig

  • Iberico breed- a black pig along with black hoof, in some cases known to as pata Negra
  • Iberico Puro – both parents are clean Iberian pigs
  • Iberico – at least single parent is a pure Iberian pig
  • Serrano breed- Landrace or Duroc Jersey; a white pig

If you cannot able to discover whether the pigs have been fed acorns or not, that is possibly due to they don’t highlight it since it will be inferior. The quality producers will shout from the rooftops regarding their Iberian pigs.

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