Applying for the travel authorizations from ESTA USA

United States is one of the busiest countries in the world because there are thousands of travelers from the different countries daily. Whenever the people would want to go US for any sports meet, events, education, medical checkup, business purpose, or anything, all have to get the VISA to enter into the country. If the travelers wish to go United States of America, first you want to get the travel authorization from the ESTA USA.

What is ESTA USA?

ESTA is nothing but the Electronic System for Travel Authorization which is a very popular online application system. It is responsible for providing the travel authorization to all the travelers before they enter into the nation. This web based system actually is developed by the US government in order to pre-screen the travelers before they are letting to board a plain or shop bound for the US.


The American government has made this travel authorization compulsory for all the passengers mainly to improve the security requirements for the international travellers. The passengers will need to pay the administrative fee for this process. Most of the travelers to the US country know about the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) to apply for the Visa to get into the nation. Those who are all getting into the United States of America under this VWP program are also required to get the approved ESTA travel authorization.

Need for ESTA USA:

  • The main purpose of ESTA USA is to allow DHS (Department of Homeland Security) o pre-screen the travellers who are all applying for the Visa Waiver Program before they go to US.
  • The USA bound travelers are recommended applying for the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) at least 72 hours earlier to the departure.
  • The eligibility test will be made for the travelers from the Visa Waiver Countries when they are already applied for the ESTA authorization.
  • Everyone has to make sure that whether you are qualified for the ESTA before submitting the application on the internet.
  • ESTA travel authorization for the US travel is totally online and there are no forms necessary to be printed. So, the travelers don’t need to directly go to the American Embassy or consult any person.
  • You just go to the ESTA application page and fill the details by following the guidelines to get travel authorization to go to US.

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